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Make a Treasure Bag

In the Eighteenth Century, people often kept items in cloth bags. You can make a little bag, perfect for holding marbles or any other small objects.


Cut a piece of cloth.
Cut a piece of cloth about 8 and one-half by 11 inches, or about the same size as a piece of binder paper. To look 18th Century the cloth should be cotton, wool, or linen, and be a natural color.

Fold the cloth in half.
Fold the cloth in half. Pin the bottom edges together and the side edges together. Leave the top open. Sometimes it helps to iron the fold.

Sew the bottom and side to form a bag.
Using a running stitch or back stitch, sew along the bottom and side of the bag, about one half inch from the edge. Leave the top open.

Hem the top edge of the bag.
Fold the top down one-half inch, then fold it down again. Using a hem stitch or running stitch, sew this hem down.

Turn the bag inside out.
Turn the bag inside-out. Now all of the stitching is on the inside and doesn’t show.

Sew a tape to the side seam.
Cut a piece of cloth tape 13 inches long. Sew the middle of this piece of tape to the bag at the side seam about one inch down from the top edge of the bag. To close the bag, you wrap and tie the tape around the top of the bag.

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