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Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Players sit in a circle, with one person in the middle. The person in the middle has a soft object, like a kerchief. He or she throws the kerchief at another player, shouts one of the elements (earth, air, fire or water) and begins to count to 10. The player who had the kerchief thrown at him must say the name of an animal that lives in that element before the count of 10. For example: if “earth” is said, the player might name “worm”, or “elephant”.

If the player can successfully name an animal within the count of 10, the person in the middle must try again. If the player is not able to name an animal, or names one incorrectly (saying “fish” when the element was “earth”), he or she becomes the person in the middle. Note: if “fire” is called, the player must remain silent, as no animal can live in fire.

One of the challenges is that nothing can be named twice! Also remember, that in the 18th century they may not have heard of all the animals that we know about now. For instance, dinosaurs have not yet been discovered.

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"7. Claude Moore Colonial Farm: Something’s always being grown, harvested, dyed, dried, or crafted at Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, Virginia, a rendition of a modest circa-1771 frontier farm."